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Zhucheng Seven Star Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cold forming equipment. Company specializing in manufacturing first-class precision equipment for oneself, has developed the CZ type steel unit, steel tile unit, glazed tile unit, floor steel bearing plate unit, highway guardrail unit, the whole carriage unit more than and 20 series, more than and 100 varieties. Caigang watts is composed of a single layer of corrugated board initial pressure type production line, and now the development of manufacturing automatic number ten series of modern steel plate production line. Fully meet the requirements of steel structure building. CZ type steel production line by artificial control development produced several simple modern automatic punching, automatic cutting purlin production line.

According to user requirements, the company can design and manufacture all kinds of complex non-standard cold bending forming units. Seven Star Machinery will continue to improve product quality and technical level, the maximum value created by customers.