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Caigang watts equipment speed fault is what reason?
In the process of Caigang watts equipment used, sometimes the speed of fault. The speed fault can be divided into sudden fault and gradual failure. A sudden failure is a sudden occurrence, with no warning in advance. For example, due to the interruption of oil caused by parts of the fault, due to excessive voltage caused by the damage caused by the components of the fault, etc.. This kind of fault is difficult to control.
Gradual failure, which is caused by the decline in the use of equipment or parts of the weakening of the fault, the fault is often associated with equipment corrosion, fatigue, wear, etc.. This is to control and prevention, usually to strengthen Caigang watts equipment maintenance, regular maintenance of equipment, so we don't have these problems.
In short, it is important to do the Caigang watts equipment maintenance work, it can prevent the equipment problems and affect the smooth production of open
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