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How to choose the Caigang watts equipment quality?
When buying Caigang watts equipment, some people due to insufficient understanding of Caigang watts equipment, and to listen to some advertising manufacturers, to buy substandard products, the purchase Caigang watts fangpian.
First, check the material equipment, Caigang watts equipment will use good quality steel production, some manufacturers will be shoddy, with bad steel to replace, which need to keep their eyes open to identify.
Second, watch the thickness of the vertical plate, if the thickness of 10mm or less, do not choose. There is the best journal is solid, if it is hollow shaft, it is not a good product, do not choose. Third, buy Caigang watts equipment must not look at the price to see, the most important should pay attention to the quality of products. Learn these skills will help you in the purchase of tile to you when fangpian, buy a good product.
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