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Common problems Caigang watts equipment
In the process of Caigang watts equipment used, due to various reasons, often appear the following questions. The following analysis of the causes of various problems, and give solutions.
1, the knife has been up and down, there is a problem that may be the upper limit of improper adjustment or switch is damaged. You can adjust the upper limit, if the switch is a switch to replace the problem.
2, oil pump can not be started, the pump not may start because the temperature is too low due to tile machine froze to death, when the winter is prone to this problem.
3, Caigang watts equipment without disconnecting the knife up, it needs to check whether the knife should be polished.
Above these problems are quite common, and the general quality of the Caigang watts equipment not much, just because I don't pay attention to the details of which can be completely avoided.
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